Early birds out and about will be button-holed and festooned (2011)

Early birds out and about will be button-holed and festooned
Early birds out and about will be button-holed and festooned
megan calver ©

St George’s Day 2011

Passers-by were buttonholed and offered a choice of two pin badges. Were they supporters of the maiden or the dragon? Many people found it difficult to decide. Others made their choice without hesitation. A narrow victory was won on the day in favour of the dragon.

Thank you to all the people who stopped and passed the time of day, including a tall youth in a pale hoodie, supporting the maiden; two mature energetic women on the way to their weekly Saturday morning swim, supporting the dragon; two feisty men setting off for a couple of drinks, supporting the dragon; a young woman shopping for a delicious Easter morning brunch of goats cheese and tabouleh to share with a friend, supporting the maiden; an elderly gentleman who kindly bid me good morning, supporting the dragon; and a multi-talented little swimmer, a princess in the eyes of her guardian, supporting the maiden.

May Day 2011

Passers-by were offered a bunch of sticky goosegrass to wear as May Day greenery or to use to play the prankster and throw, bit by bit, at unsuspecting bystanders.

Thank you to those people who were game, including two little boys in blue, out with dad, full of fun; an elegant woman in a pale green coat and faceted red earrings who allowed me to arrange her goosegrass festoon; a gang dressed up in green doing the Children’s Hospice Walkabout; a couple from Yorkshire bound for Truro via Taunton, discussing the merits of Kate’s bridal gown; a biking family, mainly in red, quick off the mark and up for another challenge. Not forgetting, a man in his van guarded by a tiny dog that barked, sharply, at anyone who came a little too close.

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