Lean (2018)

with Gabrielle Hoad
objects, actions, conversations and invitations
Photos: Gabrielle Hoad  ©

Made for the Od Arts Festival, Lean was a series of objects and actions designed to prompt thought and conversation around ideas of rivalry and cooperation. Inspired by a leaning shed in nearby East Coker woods, Megan Calver and Gabrielle Hoad invited residents and festival visitors, as well as an online audience, to lean on bars, lamp-posts, walls, trees and each other, and to notice the incidental leaning of objects and bodies. Encounters ranged from a gentle conversation about straightening wonky pictures to a raucous improvised skittles competition in a West Coker pub. Everyday objects such as brooms, branches and wedges, identifiable only by small fluorescent markings, were used to distract from and disrupt the work of rival artists.

Commissioned by Simon Lee Dicker & Bob Gelsthorpe for The Art of Rivalry, Od Arts Festival 2018.

A 12-page artists' publication Visit the show of a rival, which documented further leaning actions, was distributed in 2020.