Loiter like a leaf 2013

Loiter like a leaf
Loiter like a leaf
megan calver ©

A quiet celebration of the garden is proposed. Formal coats are provided that enable visitors to dress for the occasion. Fully reversible, the garments allow for alternate modes of camouflage and display. Cape-like, but narrow with extra-low openings for hands, they elicit poise in their wearers and begin to temper pace.

Take some time to settle in: things in the garden are more than and less than they appear.

Acknowledgements and thanks to
Sarah Donoghue, tailor
Mr. Fook Yin Chai, vegetable carver
Sally Gregson, Henley Mill garden

Commissioned by Somerset Art Works in partnership with National Garden Scheme for Abundance Garden Trail. Curated by Zoe Li.

Review by Sue Palmer.