Loiter like a leaf 2014

ceramic cups, saucers, plates

In the 1870s, architect William Burges designed Knightshayes House, delighting in the trickery and excess of the Gothic Revival style. In the middle of the following century, Lady Heathcoat-Amory revived Knightshayes' flagging gardens creating the Pool Garden on the site of a bowling green. Her formal composition, implemented to this day, dictates 1 tree, 3 patches of irises, and 5 patches of water lilies.

On Mothering Sunday 2014, a little before the start of the water lily season, 5 mini-fleets of imposters were introduced to the pool in an attempt to add some early colour and extend the Pool Garden's season of interest. Wayward and half-hardy, the exotic imposters were nurtured and nudged towards the structured perfection of their surroundings.

Originally commissioned by Somerset Art Works for Abundance Garden Trail.

Reconfigured for the Pool Garden at Knightshayes, National Trust.