Look upon the marvel-matters (2010)

fluorescent polyester, reflective tape, metal zip, thread, glass jar with lid, one slice of foam 4 x volume of jar
dressmaker Kim Burt
Look upon the marvel-matters
Look upon the marvel-matters
photos: Found Space ©

‘An Aladdin’s Cave of practical products.’ In the sheen of day, a sign sits outside a shop enticing passers-by.

At night the sign is taken in. But polished by the browsing beams of cars, a little bollard shines bravely from the window. Erring on the safe side, its reflective jacket has been made to measure by skilful hands.  And cushioned inside against calamity, this magical lamp contains more than it can hold. It aspires, a bit above itself, to illuminate the shop, standing out for independence and an enchantment of precious possibilities when you do-it-yourself.

Look upon the marvel-matters features in Stowage, an exhibition commissioned and curated by Found Space.