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Have you ever tried and failed to communicate your thoughts to others?  It may be that your ideas are not interesting or that they are not clearly expressed. It may be that they are in the wrong place.

To be published in a newspaper, for example, your words need to have clarity of purpose and a certain kind of news-worthiness.

Even so, if you are willing, you can pay for every word.1

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1 The words 'A blackbird flies low and leisurely along the hedge' were printed in the Somerset County Gazette 9th October 2008 at a cost of 8.63.
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Neroche project/insert 2
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  1. Try exchanging the publication of your words for something enjoyable or useful
  2. Muster courage and ask a stranger to post the words in his or her window
  3. He or she may agree for many reasons - perhaps because it is the quickest way to get rid of you, perhaps because they also walk in the places of which you write
  4. Make a small cake - you might decorate it in recognition of the person for whom it is made2
  5. Return within a week with your gift and retrieve your words from the window
  6. Take heart from the smallest of conversations that result - you may bring things into kissing distance yet!
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2 A cake decorated with a tiny pair of boots and riding hat might be enjoyed by a household that displays a row of colourful riding rosettes in their porch.  A cake sporting a little vehicle might be a suitable gift for someone who sells parts and appliances for cars.