Spill 2015

Hestercombe Centre for Young Musicians with Megan Calver
sound, music stand, spotlight, publication, collected ceramics including porcelain slipware by Mariam Gupta
photos: Paul Blakemore ©

On Valentines Day 2014, a colossal cedar tree fell to the ground in Hestercombe Garden. Fortunately, the tree fell away from the house failing to topple its Victorian tower. Perhaps some people may have secretly wished that it had, and that the house could return to the simpler facade of its Georgian days.

Sound plays in a semi-enclosed area inside the building. A hurried alarm call — ’timber’ — is followed by the startling sound of china crashing to the ground. In the corridors and spaces beyond, a collection of precariously sited ceramics take up themes of loss and safekeeping, embellishing parts of the empty house. The twenty-two pieces, all featuring trees, address the stylistic heritage of Hestercombe House and Garden, juxtaposing different expressions of taste.

With thanks to Rachael Parvin and the music students at Hestercombe Centre for Young Musicians: Flora Wooding, Rosie Wooding, Matthew Osborne, Evie King, Meiling Daniell-Greenhalgh
and to Tim Martin, Mariam Gupta