megan calver
Image of <em>Clouded Border</em> in development, 2022



Clouded Border with Gabrielle Hoad:

Clouded Border is a site-responsive project for Durlston Country Park & National Nature Reserve in Dorset that draws inspiration from Durlston's history as a lookout and signalling station. Named after a variety of night-flying moth found on site, the project also references a radio-based navigation system developed in part and deployed at Durlston during World War II. Known as Oboe, it allowed RAF bombers to precisely locate targets at night or in heavy cloud or smog.

The first stage of this project will culminate in an exhibition and live event in the Belvedere of Durlston Castle. At the live event, oboist Paul Sartin will perform a new work commissioned for the project.

Exhibition: 8th 25th September 2022
Live event: 2.30pm 24th September 2022

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